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Wide Band Systems begins shipping the second generation 2-18 GHz Frequency Synthesizer

The second generation frequency synthesizer recently introduced by Wide Band Systems, Inc., began shipping Q-4 2006. Operating from 2.0 GHz to 18 GHz, with switching speeds of 3-microsecond, a volume of approximately 64 cubic inches, consuming less than 16.5 Watts, and providing excellent spectral performance, this product will have a wide range of applications.

The synthesizer (patent pending) represents a new class of microwave frequency synthesizers. Designed to utilize a single wideband loop, the synthesizer has fast switching speeds and excellent phase noise performance. In this configuration, a pair of sub-octave VCOs is doubled and then redoubled to provide single band 2 GHz to 18 GHz frequency coverage, substantially enhancing its versatility and usefulness. Most importantly, the architecture’s sub-harmonics are considered spurious signals and are less than -60dBc.

“The synthesizer’s small size and low power consumption open a variety of new application possibilities such as UAV’s or UGV’s, especially when combined with its fast acquisition times and enhanced accuracy”, said Program Manager Dennis Gable. Fast switching speeds permit faster receiver tuner acquisition of emitter signals. The capabilities make the new Wide Band synthesizer ideal for use as a local oscillator (LO) in fast-tuning superheterodyne receivers. For this application, the synthesizer provides a substantial improvement in tuning times and spurious signal generation, with excellent phase noise and frequency accuracy.