Wide Band Products:

Fast Switching Synthesizers



Wide Band Systems' Fast Switching Synthesizers are scalable for precise performance from 0.5 GHz to 18 GHz or any bandwidth in-between. Rugged design and fast switching speeds (<3μsec) with only 19 20 watts of DC power offer wide applications possibilities for use with many military and commercial systems. A wide variety of custom designed configurations is available for your specific application.

Typical applications include:

  • Electronic warfare (EW)
  • Automated test equipment (ATE)
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)
  • Jammers
  • Simulators

  •  2.0 - 18.0 GHz Precision Fast Tuning Synthesizer Specification
     Frequency    2.0 to 18.0GHz
     Microwave Output    Single, dual or switched output +10dBm
       Power Balance for Dual or Switched Output    1.25dB maximum
       Phase Balance for Dual Output    5 degrees maximum
       Power    +10dBm, +/- 1.5dB over temperature and frequency
       Output Impedance    50 Ohm
       Load VSWR    1.5:1
     Spurious Signals    -60dBc maximum
     Harmonics    -26dBc maximum
     Frequency Accuracy    5ppm
       Note: There will be no frequency
     pushing or pulling by design.
     Frequency Resolution    1 MHz
     Switching Speed    5μsec maximum (3μsec typical)

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