U.S. Patents:




When you consider advanced DFD/IFM technology consider that our people...

  • Developed the 2:1 ratio correlator array, extending DFD performance to lower RF SNR and improving pulse on pulse, pulse on CW trigger accuracy
  • Developed the Digital Temperature Correction technique, in place of archaic oven stabilization
  • Developed (and hold the patent on) the Coherent Threshold, providing a real time estimate of the RF SNR and eliminating obsolete Digital Noise Riding Threshold techniques
  • Developed (and hold the patent on) the RF to video digitizer, eliminating the need for DLVA's and SDLVA's in the Wide Band Systems IFM
  • Developed (and hold the patent on) the Associative Processor, providing the DFD with a real time, leading edge, pulse on pulse threshold - after limiting - and providing a functional Multipath Blanking technique
  • Developed (and hold the patent on) precision time measurement to extend the Time of Arrival (TOA) accuracy of pulse to <1 ns
  • Developed the 40 MHz clocked sampled DFD, allowing effective pulse on pulse processing in dense signal environments
  • Provide “turnkey” IFM Receiver Systems, solving all of the technical issues of filtering, thresholding, estimation of RF frequency, RF amplitude, Pulse Width, and Time of Arrival in a single unit

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